Our property insights are designed to help you find the right property, while avoiding the unexpected.

If you are looking for a home or business premise in Spain, our custom-researched report will help you avoid common pitfalls, and resolve common doubts.

The 4 steps before purchasing property in Spain

  1. Check with the local town planning department that this property is not affected by any urban plans.
    E.g. an approved plan to widen the road which affects the property.
  2. Check with the land registry for any outstanding charges against the property.
    We’ll let you know all the taxes and the previous owner has to pay otherwise you might “inherit” them!
  3. Revise the urban law so you know the possibilities this property might offer you in the future
    E.g. building extensions, or converting it in two properties.
  4. We’ll advise you on the status of the property, such as:
    • if it needs to complete renovation;
    • quality of the installations and finishes;
    • any specific problems that may require attention;
    • or if it’s ready to move in to!


Important Notice
Costabella-Arq and associates do not offer legal advice, and our property appraisals should not be taken as such. Our services are purely architectural and our advice is based on many years of experience in architectural practice. If you need legal advice, you should talk to a lawyer.